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Search for PTP orthologs and paralogs across 65 genomes and all eukaryotic kingdoms

Here you can view and download all predicted orthologs and paralogs of all PTPs harbored in PTP-central. Orthologs and paralogs were fetched from the MetaPhOrs database, the most comprehensive public repository of homology relationships . Orthologs and paralogs are derived from trees deposited in five distinct databases (PhylomeDB, Ensembl, EggNOG, Hogenom and TreeFAM), for which MetaPhOrs provides quality metrics for each prediction. The Consistency Score (CS) represents the ratio between the number of trees informing about a specific orthology relationship for a pair of proteins and the total number of trees. The CS ranges from 0 (no trees predicting orthology) to 1 (all trees predicting orthology), so the closer the CS value to 1, the more robust the prediction is. A CS cutoff value of 0.5 was applied, meaning that at least one-half of all trees available for a given pair of proteins do predict an orthology relationship. Any pair of proteins with a CS<0.5 is annotated as paralogous. MetaPhOrs also describes the type of orthologous relationships (one-to-one, one-to-many or many-to-many) and lists eventual co-orthologs. In total we describe 79355 orthologous relationships and 640099 paralogous relationships among the PTPs predicted in the 65 eukaryotic genomes.

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