PTP-central   -   A resource of protein tyrosine phosphatases in eukaryotic genomes

About PTP-central

PTP-central is a comprehensive resource on eukaryotic protein tyrosine phosphatases (PTPs). PTP-central relies on the development of a novel computational method, called Y-Phosphatomer, for the genome-wide prediction of PTPs using a specific combination of protein domain models drawn from public databases.

Users can freely download the precomputed predictions of the tyrosine phosphatomes of 65 eukaryotic genomes, and perform on-the-fly sequence alignments and phylogenetic analyses here. Moreover, PTP-central maps PTPs to all PTP structures that are available in the Protein Data Bank (PDB), as well as to genetic association studies from the Genetic Association Database of the NIH. Thus PTP-central combines key biological datasets for the comprehensive and systemic study of PTPs, not only in the context of a given organism, but also from an evolutionary perspective. Finally, users can also submit their own sequences for prediction under Y-Phosphatomer here.

PTP-central is a continually evolving resource and additional datasets will be added in the future, together with embedded algorithms that will facilitate the mining of all new data.

Member laboratories

  • Prof. Michel L. Tremblay's laboratory

    Located in the Goodman Cancer Research Centre of McGill University. The  focus  of the laboratory is the study of protein tyrosine phosphatases in normal and pathological processes.

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  • Dr. Diego Miranda-Saavedra's laboratory

    Bioinformatics & Genomics laboratory at the Immunology Frontier Research Center (IFReC) of Osaka University.

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